Session themes Themes of the parallel sessions

The conference program includes 8 different themes:

  1. Design: intermodality, capacity, flexibility, flow management, station typology, accessibility, sustainability etc.
  2. Technologies: intermodal information, facility management, ticketing, services, security, etc.
  3. Comprehensive protection: management of public place and intermodal security, feeling of security, design impacts, etc.
  4. Enhancing client experiences: services, shops, retail, cultural activities, performance of the intermodal system, accessibility, etc.
  5. Development and management of stations: concepts, business approach, station to hub management, governance, urban integration, etc.
  6. Territories: urban-local integration, urban impact, socio-economic impact, infrastructure financing, multiplicity of actors, intermobility, infrastructure, etc.
  7. Stations for high speed services: specific services, traffic trend, flows management, impact on territories, etc.
  8. UIC activities and academic research